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Become A Better Lover

Learn the skills to give your partner incredible pleasure and mind blowing orgasms.
Start becoming the amazing lover you know you can be.

Hey, I'm Ryan Mac - Your Personal Sex Coach

I'm here to help you be the best lover you can be

Just like you I started out with very little sexual experience, just a big desire to give pleasure to my partners and become the best lover I could possibly be.

Through thousands of hours of practice, trial and error, partner feedback and deep study into female pleasure and what actually works I’ve learned how to be an incredible lover – and you can too.

Good sex is a skill that you can get better at and I’m here to help you do that.

In my teachings I draw from scientific insights and hands on experience to give training that is informative and practical so you can deliver the maximum amount of pleasure to yourself and your partners.

I firmly believe that by unlocking, accepting and mastering our sexuality we can unlock and empower all areas of our lives. By becoming better lovers we can also help unlock our partner’s sexuality and empower their lives too.

What You'll Learn

The best sex techniques

From fingering and oral techniques to sex positions and kink you’ll learn everything you can about being the best lover possible. I want your partner’s eye’s rolling back in their heads thinking “what the actual f**k was that?!!!”

Getting harder erections

As someone who has personally suffered with ED I know how much it can completely ruin your sex life. Here you’ll learn exactly how to get healthier harder erections so you can get it up when you want for as long as you want and be able to rock you partner’s world.

Mastering the mental game

To go from good in the bedroom to “the best she’s ever had” isn’t as much about techniques as it is about mastering the mental game of sex and creating an experience where she can relax, be her complete sexual self and enjoy every moment with you. You’ll learn how to open up her mind and take her on the sexual journey or a lifetime.

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Our Courses

Healthy Erection Mastery

Overcome erectile dysfunction and learn the scientifically proven methods to healthier harder erections so you can get it up when you want and keep it up for as long as you want.

Squirting Secrets Revealed

Give your partner mind blow ejaculatory orgasms. Learn the exact techniques to be able to make her squirt and completely soak the bed.

Fingering Orgasm Mastery

Learn how to blow to her mind with hyper effective fingering techniques that will have her cumming over and over and begging your for more.

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