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How To Make Almost Any Woman Squirt…Even If She’s Never Had a Squirting Orgasm Before

Master the art of female ejaculation and learn the exact techniques that have allowed me to make 80-90% of my sexual partners squirt – many for the first time in their lives.

Guaranteed 30 days

👉 Do you want to make your woman squirt for the first time? 💦

You’ve seen it in porn but you have no idea how to actually make a woman squirt.

That is all about to change!

Would you like to:

Be able to give your partner body shaking, squirting orgasms

Have your partner squirt across the room or completely soak the bed

Shock your partner with your skills as she uncontrollably orgasms and squirts at the same time

Have her begging for more and thinking you’re some sort of sex guru

Have her tell all her friends about your skills and how she was finally able to squirt
(yes girls talk about this sort of stuff)

Want to be the squirting god you know you can be?

It’s possible!

A Few Years Ago I Hadn't Made a Single Woman Squirt - Now I Can Do It With Almost Anyone

But that all changed when I learned these secret techniques…

A few years ago I hadn’t made a single woman squirt in my life and I had absolutely no idea how to do it.

My partner at the time had never squirted herself, but it was something she always wanted to try.

I scoured the web and watched countless YouTube videos trying to learn how to squirt.

Unfortunately, most of them were extremely lacking in practical information and the techniques required to make her squirt.

I wanted to learn the actual techniques to use to get her gushing everywhere.

Through piecing together little bits of information, and through many failed practice sessions with my partner…

I was eventually able to make her squirt!

The sensations she felt was unlike anything she had experienced prior to that.

She went to work the following day and countless people commented to her that “she was glowing” and “what did you get up to on the weekend you look so happy?!” 🤣

It took many more months after that first squirting session, and many more experiences where I was able to make other sexual partners squirt until I felt like I had mastered squirting.

Experiences She Can Have When You Make Her Squirt

The act of squirting is incredibly sexy and it’ll give her a mind blowing experience like nothing she’s ever experienced before.

The following are what women have told me they felt after I gave them squirting orgasms:

  • A unique and intense orgasm that is unlike any clitoral or g-spot orgasm she’s ever experienced in her life.
  • Multiple orgasms back-to-back that will have her screaming your name
  • Light headedness and an almost out-of-body experience
  • A refractory period very similar to what guys have when they orgasm
  • A feeling of “floating” for 20-60 minutes after the squirting orgasm
  • An overall sense of unexplained euphoria
  • Complete pride and happiness in the fact that they were finally able to squirt

My Real Life Experiences Of Making Multiple Women Squirt For The First Time

Many of the people out there creating YouTube videos or articles on squirting lack the experiences of making multiple partners squirt.

There are some things that come up and some challenges you need to overcome that you only learn through experience with multiple different partners.

Her First Time Squirting (On Our First Night Together)

This girl I was chatting to on Hinge and the conversation was going great.

She was a single mum, hadn’t dated much since having her (now 2 year old) son and had also never squirted in her life.

She invited me over to her house late at night and when talking she told me about how her and her friends group didn’t actually believe squirting was a thing because none of them had ever experienced it before.

I explained that it is completely possible in the right moment with the right techniques and that if she wanted to (and if they chemistry was right) we could try to make her squirt.

Eventually conversation turned into kissing and kissing turned into sex.

Unfortunately during intercourse I started to lose my erection and had to pull out. But rather than the night being ruined I placed my fingers inside her and – using the techniques I’ll show you in this course – I was able to give her the biggest squirting orgasm of her life.

Often when women squirt for the first time it’s just a little bit.

But not this girl!

She completely soaked the bed. I am talking about spilling a large water bottle amount of fluid.

My arm was completely soaked, the sheets were completely soaked and afterwards the lay back in bed and was completely euphoric.

She certainly had a great story to tell her friends group the next day.

From Scared To Squirt, To a Gushing Queen

A couple of years ago I had a partner who had never squirted in her life and actually had a lot of shame around sex and squirting in general.

She thought squirting was dirty and disgusting and originally wasn’t keen to do it.

While our sex was connected and amazing, whenever she would get close to squirting she would tighten her pelvic floor muscles and lock up – completely stopping herself from squirting.

My techniques were good, her arousal and ability to squirt was there – but she had a mental blockage that was holding her back.

Many times she’d get super close to squirting only to stop herself.

It took months, many open conversations about how she shouldn’t feel ashamed, how squirting is extremely sexy and how it can feel good for her.

Then one night she was at peak arousal, I got her into a certain position and I unleashed my best squirting techniques.

She let go and squirted absolutely everywhere. She had multiple incredible squirting orgasms. Afterwards I reassured her how amazing it was that she squirted and this seemed to unlock her and cast off her shame.

After that night she would regularly squirt with me and we had months of amazing lovemaking and squirting sessions together.

You Too Can Learn How To Unlock Female Ejaculation and Have Women Soaking Your Bed

If you don’t know how to make a woman squirt but you want to learn then this training program is for you.

I share the above stories to show you that:

I was able to go from a guy who didn’t know how to make any women squirt at all to a guy who could get some of the most difficult women to squirt.


While making a woman squirt isn’t “easy” it is a skill that you can learn to master

and one that you can learn to master relatively quickly.


The Complete Training On Exactly How To Make Almost Any Woman Squirt

✅ Discover the exactly fingering techniques to use to have her squirting uncontrollably

✅ Learn exactly when to try to make her squirt for the best orgasms

✅ A little known body position that makes squirting 10 x easier for most women

✅ How to get her out of her head so she can let go and squirt

✅ How to know the precise moment to amp up the intensity and get her to squirt

✅ Exactly what to say to her if you want to try to make her squirt but she’s hesitant

Make Her Squirt Course

Secret Techniques To Give Her Mind Blowing Squirting Orgasms
$ 97
  • 7 Video Lessons Revealing The Exactly Techniques To Make Her Squirt
  • 4 Exclusive Bonuses valued at $280
  • 1 Year's Full Access




valued at $37

I’ve created a specific bonus video training on how to openly discuss squirting with your partner so you can explore this exciting experience together and increase your chances of her having squirting orgasms. Inside this training you’ll discover:

  • How to bring up the topic of squirting in a natural and caring way
  • How to talk to her about squirting in a way that makes her relaxed and excited to try
  • How to frame the experience to take the pressure off her and give you multiple attempts at trying to make her squirt


valued at $27

When trying to make a woman squirt there are some common issues you’re likely to come across that may stop her from squirting. This bonus training highlights what may be stopping her from squirting and what you can do about it.

  • The 3 things holding most girls back from squirting (even if your technique is good)
  • Slight changes in technique if she’s struggling to let go
  • Things she can do to increase her chances of squirting


valued at $19

In this interview with OnlyFans creator Jay we talk about squirting and you get to see hands on how I discuss squirting with sexual partners and how I explain it to them.


valued at $197

I understand that squirting can be a tricky skill to learn and sometimes you need clarification on certain things or you need to reach out if you’re finding the techniques aren’t working.

For this reason I’m offering free 1-on-1 coaching access to myself via messaging.

You can message me your questions at any time of the day and I’ll respond within 24-48 hours (usually much shorter) with customized answers or voice notes to help you become a master squirter.

What Are You Waiting For?

Take advantage of this special offer and learn the secrets to making almost any woman squirt

Make Her Squirt Course

Secret Techniques To Give Her Mind Blowing Squirting Orgasms
$ 97
  • 7 Video Lessons Revealing The Exactly Techniques To Make Her Squirt
  • 4 Exclusive Bonuses valued at $280
  • 1 Year's Full Access

Frequently Asked Questions​

There’s never going to be a 100% guarantee that you can make every woman squirt.

While each woman has the ability to squirt – things such as mindset, arousal, trauma, pelvic floor, your skills and timing all play a role in a woman’s ability to squirt.

My success rate is not 100% but closer to 80-90%.

What I can guarantee is you will learn the exact techniques I have used to make multiple women squirt for the first time.

Ideally this course is recommended for people 18 years and older. This course covers sensitive topics and discussions about sex that may not be appropriate for younger audiences.

Getting good at squirting takes time and practice and likely won’t happen overnight for most people. While this course is designed to be completed in one sitting, you will have access to all the course materials for a full year from your purchase date.

You will also have 4 weeks of 1-on-1 messaging access to myself for any support you need in learning how to make women squirt.

After a year there is an option to maintain access to the course for a subsidized fee if you wish to continue having access.

Click here to gain access to Make Her Squirt Now

This course will give you to tools and information needed so you will know exactly what to do to make a woman squirt.

If you don’t find this course useful to you and well worth the cost then I don’t want your money.

Simply email [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase requesting a refund and it’ll be granted to you

This course is designed to be completed in a single sitting.

Upon signing up you will get immediate access to all the lessons of the course.

Details about how to get in contact with me for the 1-on-1 messaging will be sent to you via email within 48 hours of signing up (72 hours over weekends).

This course is designed to be taken by yourself to give YOU the skills you need to help the women in your life squirt. No partner is needed to take this course.

However, partners can also benefit greatly from the information contained in this course. If your partner wants to learn how to squirt then this information can help them as well.

If you have a question about Squirting Secrets Revealed training program that isn’t answered here then you can reach out via email.

Please title your email MAKE HER SQUIRT QUESTION and contact me via the Contact Page.