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Dirty Talk Cheat Sheet

Welcome to the dirty talk cheat sheet.

Dirty talk seems intimidating, but honestly it doesn’t have to be. There are some really simple ways you can begin dirty talking and you can work your way up into the more advanced dirty talk as your confidence grows.

You don’t have to start out a dirty talk master, but with practice your partners (whether long term or casual) will be loving the dirty talk you give them.

Just the other night I was at a party and ended up sleeping with an amazing woman for the first time. I used this framework to dirty talk in her ear and SHE LOVED IT! You should have heard the uncontrollable groans coming out of her as a whispered sweet nothings into her ear.

Below is my dirty talk framework. A simple guide you can follow to take your dirty talk to the next level.

Deliver It With Confidence

How you say things is even more important than what exactly you say.

If you try to call her your dirty little slut in a passive voice that lacks confidence it’s not going to feel authentic and it’s not going to feel sexy.

When giving dirty talk you want to commit to the dirty talk.

Say what you’re saying

  • As if you truly believe it
  • As if she wants to hear it
  • And as if you’re confident in saying it

This often means slowing down your voice and saying things in a more serious and sexy tone.

For the more dominant one in the interaction, this can often mean dropping your voice and making it just a little bit deeper. Not a lot, just a little bit to add that sexiness to it.

Being confident saying things you would never say in public doesn’t come easily.

I have a deep respect for women so the first time a woman wanted me to call her a whore and my dirty little cum slut I said it in the most mousey timid way you can imagine.

It wasn’t great.

However, with practice I can now deliver these lines with much more confidence and in a much sexier way.

Practice In The Mirror

Instead of making my mistake and practicing with your partner for your first time, practice in front of the mirror instead.

Take the lines from this cheat cheat, or make up your own, and stand in front of the mirror – stare yourself in the eyes (because eye contact is sexy and displays confidence) and say these phrases the best you can.

It’ll likely feel a bit awkward in the beginning. But keep practicing and over a matter of days it’ll start to feel more normal and less weird and you’ll soon be ready to use the lines on your partner.

Start With Noises

If you’ve never done dirty talk before then the best and easiest place to start is simply by making noises.

Your partner likely loves it when you make noises to let them know how good things feel.

If you’re having sex with a parter who’s completely silent then it can be difficult to know whether or not they are enjoying themselves.

So begin using your grunts, moans and “ohhhhh” to communicate to your partner when something feels good.

Try The ‘Uncontrollable Fuuuuuuck’

Everyone loves what I call the ‘uncontrollable fuuuuuck’

When things feel so good that you can’t help but exclaim fuuuuuck.

Women love it when men do it, men love it when women do it. Regardless of gender this is almost always a winner.

For it to have it’s best effect you want to make it feel almost like you didn’t mean to say it. That things just felt so good you couldn’t help but let out the words.

You can also add some descriptions onto the end like:

  • Fuuuuuuck, you feel so good
  • Fuuuuuuck, holy shit that feels amazing
  • Fuuuuuuck, yes baby
  • Fuuuuuuck me
  • Fuuuuuucking hell
  • Hoooooly shit

Easy Ways To Start Dirty Talking

So you’ve broken the silence with noises and the uncontrollable fuuuuuck but you want to take things to the next level and actually start dirty talking in the way you’d imagined.

Full sentences that will make her panties wet or his dick hard.

But before you start coming up with some complex role play for the more advanced dirty talker there are some really easy and really sexy ways you can start dirty talking that honestly…don’t really feel like dirty talk at all.

Compliment Them

I often like to start my dirty talk with compliments to the partner that I’m with. But you need to do compliments right in order for it to feel sexy.

I was recently with a women who clearly felt a little awkward when receiving compliments. I have found this to be a common thing with a lot of women (men can be the same too).

When you compliment them they don’t know what to say and this can make them feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable.

So here’s what I like to do

Give them ‘confident compliments’ where you don’t expect them to say anything in return and do it when you’re already doing something else.

For example the line “Fuck you look so hot” can be delivered while you’re fucking your partner. You don’t say it and stop for them to respond, you say it and then keep riding them or you fuck them even harder to back up your words.

“Omg you taste so good” can be delivered while you’re going down on your partner and then after you say it you can dive back in – again backing up your words with action.

Even a compliment like “you feel so good” can be backed up with an arching of the back or you pushing yourself deeping inside them (or pushing them deeper inside you).

Tell Them What You’re Feeling

Another easy way to start dirty talking with your partner is to simply tell them what you are feeling.

Lines as simple as:

  • That feels so good
  • Omg you feel amazing
  • I love it when you do that
  • You taste so good

All work really great.

Then to improve upon this dirty talk you can get more descriptive with your language:

  • I love how tight your pussy feels around my cock
  • I love feeling your cock stretch me out
  • Your dick in the back of my throat is turning me on so much
  • You taste so sweet and delicious and it’s making me throb
  • Your pussy feels so wet as I slide in and out of you

Descriptive language can be really sexy and it makes things more intense.

You can also describe how you are feeling emotionally:

  • I feel so connected to your right now
  • I feel so turned on just looking at you
  • Omg you’re so sexy its overwhelming to me
  • I’m loving watching you in this position

Tell Them What You Want To Do To Them

To step it up from just describing or expressing what you’re feeling you can tell your partner what you want to do to them.

This can be said in the form of “I can’t wait to” or “I really want to”. For example:

  • I can’t wait to be deep inside you
  • I really want to taste you
  • I’m craving your pussy/cock in my mouth

Telling your partner what you want lets them know that you actively desire and crave them – which will make them feel amazing. But it also gets them thinking about that future event and gets them looking forward to it.

When I say to my partner “Oh my god I can’t wait to slide my cock inside your wet pussy” it gets her thinking about and looking forward to penetration. Then when penetration does happen it’s going to feel better for her than it would have if I didn’t say anything.

Tell Them a Story About a Past Shared Sexual Experience

One of the easiest ways to dirty talk with a partner is to start telling them a story about one of your past sexual experiences.

“Remember that time we were on vacation and I was fucking you in the bathroom. I loved how good you look bent over like that and me sliding in and out of you felt so good”

By telling your partner a story like this it helps to quiet any mental chatter they may have going on in their mind.

Instead of focusing on their to do list or their worries about the day you are teleporting their mind to that moment you shared together.

They will start imagining that sexy moment as you describe it to them and they will get turned on and start to feel more pleasure.

Create a Story About Their Fantasy

Sometimes an even better alternative (or just something different) is to create a made up story about their fantasy.

Talk to your partner outside of the bedroom and find out what they are into. Maybe they have a fantasy to have a threesome, or they want to be tied up or have anal or a gangbang. Whatever it may be.

Then, when you’re having sex with your partner start telling them a story where they are living out your fantasy.

I had a partner once who wanted to have a threesome with 2 guys. This wasn’t something we ever did (or were necessarily going to do) but what I would do is when we were having sex I would say things to her like:

“Imagine if there was another guy with us right now and his cock was in your mouth while I was fucking you. Imagine him cumming all over you as I slide in and out of you”

This turned my partner on SO MUCH and she was able to orgasm many many times using the same (or similar) story.

Or you can also describe fantasies that don’t involve other people. For example:

  • Fucking in public
  • You cumming all over them
  • Having sex at work
  • Tying them up

Dirty talk is actually a great way to explore fantasies without actually having to live them out. You can both see how you feel when you are imagining the fantasy.

Use Controlling Language

When you get more confident in your dirty talking you can begin to use commanding language and tell her what you want her to do.

If she’s in a highly aroused state and if she’s a woman who loves to be a little bit submissive then this is going to turn her on so much.

You can ease into it but making it a request. Say something like:

“I want you to turn around so I can fuck you from behind and go deep inside you”

Or if you’re really feeling your dominant energy you can be more direct with her:

  • “Get on your knees”
  • “Put my cock in your mouth”
  • “Take it deep”

And then when she does what you say reward her with compliments.

Using Degrading Language

This is a more advanced dirty talking technique and it’s one where you want to make sure you first discuss this with you partner.

You don’t want to be going and calling them a bitch, whore or slut if it’s not something they are into.

I remember having casual sex with a woman for the first time and as she came she yelled at me “you fucking cunt!!!”

I was taken aback and was not turned on as I really don’t like being called this word.

So before you use degrading language have a chat to your partner and see if they like this. If they do find out if they have any names they like to be called or if they have any names that are off limits.

Some people have trauma or don’t like certain words and they are complete turn offs, so you want to stay away from these.

Some ideas of phrases that my sexual partners have liked to be called in the past include things like:

  • Whore
  • Slut
  • Bitch
  • My hole
  • Little one
  • Princess

Then you can add words onto the front of these names such as:

  • Dirty
  • Slutty
  • Horny
  • Little
  • Cum
  • Nasty
  • Etc

An example is something like “My little princess” or “my dirty little cum slut”

Steal My Lines: Dirty Talk Phrases

Go ahead and steal my lines.

I’ve already given you a bunch of useable lines in this cheat sheet that you can take and make your own. But I’ve got even more for you:

Below are more than 20 of my favourite dirty talk phrases that are sure to make your partner dripping wet.

Pick your favourites, write them down and practice in the mirror. Then deliver them to your partner in the sexiest way possible!

  1. Mmmmmm
  2. Fuuuuuuuck
  3. I’m so into you
  4. I want you so badly
  5. You’re so wet
  6. I can’t wait to taste you
  7. You taste so fucking good
  8. You’re so (fucking) hot
  9. I love being deep inside you
  10. You feel so fucking good
  11. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock
  12. I can’t wait to be inside you
  13. Your ass/breasts/stomach/pussy is turning me on so much
  14. I love your body
  15. I feel so connected to you
  16. I can’t wait to cum inside you/on you
  17. Can you feel how deep I am?
  18. Do you want me? How badly do you want me?
  19. Get on your knees
  20. Cum for me
  21. Do you love feeling my cock stretch your tight little pussy?
  22. You’re my dirty little cum slut
  23. I love using your body for my pleasure

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